Study in Germany: Scholarship Master at the University of Stuttgart

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Study in Germany: Scholarship Master at the University of Stuttgart

University of Stuttgart offers scholarships qualify from developing countries, the opportunity to study in Germany by the University of Stuttgart Fully-Funded Scholarships Master .Scholarships offered to students with outstanding qualifications in the field of Infrastructure Planning and Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design. University of Stuttgart is a university located in Stuttgart, Germany. Established in 1829 and reorganized into 10 faculties. This is one of the oldest technical university in Germany (TU9) with high rated program in the field of civil, mechanical, industrial and electrical engineering.

Basically, the University of Stuttgart is mainly known for its reputation in the field of advanced automotive engineering, manufacturing and the auto industry that is efficient, process engineering, aerospace engineering and an activity based costing.

Type Scholarship

Offer available to pursue a master's program. 

Field of study:
Scholarships for the field of Infrastructure Planning 'and Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design. 

Scholarship Benefits:

Fully funded scholarships available. 

Taken in (Country):

Number Scholarship:
Not Specified 

Nationality Eligible:
Students from developing countries are eligible to apply. 

Funding schemes is looking for candidates who have the academic and professional experience relevant to succeeding in this master's program as well as demonstrative motivation to use new knowledge and skills to support the development. 

Candidates should have excellent English. Therefore, the application must be in English. 

Application procedure:
Required Documents:
  • Transcript (the average value). For students who are already at the University of Stuttgart, this is "the average value and the transcript of records to date" printout of LSF (pdf File name: Notes Performance to Date).
  • Report the final value of your Bachelor (with a total value), if you have a Bachelor's degree and report the final value. If you have more than one university degree, please select the title that serves as an entrance qualification for the Master's program you are applying for (Qualifying Entrance to the Master Program).
  • Students who are still working or who have completed their Bachelor at another university must upload a description of the modules taken during their Bachelor studies.

To register for the Master studies program at the University of Stuttgart, students must go to the Campus Management System C @ MPUs . 
Deadline:  July 15, 2018  
reference: study-domain